Nov 2011 - updates
04 November 2011


RTE Waterways is a site created by RTE for the new Waterways Royal Canal series. It features the people involved in the production, a trailer for each episode, the history of the Royal, map of the journey, wildlife, places, promotional clips from each episode and of course, the Rambler. Well worth perusing.

Congratulations to all involved with this production. The series can be seen here RTE under RTE Player.

Edisode 1 The Auld Triangle on 2/10/2011, Edisode 2 The Deep Sinking on 09/10/2011, Episode 3 The Long Level on 16/10/2011, Episode 4 Reaching the Summit on 23/10/2011, Episode 5 The Forgotten Road on 30/10/2011 and Episode 6 Journey's End on 6/11/2011. Rambler and crew looking superb and it just gets better!

Members can view the HBA AGM Notice here

The IWAI and all waterways' users are delighted to hear of the 12 month lifeboat trial on Ree – see RNLI news

Good news from Cheekpoint – our friends report on their progress here Cheekpoint Quay

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