Fine Lines - Clear Water - HBA Publication
02 December 2009

One of the main aims of the Heritage Boat Association (HBA) is to highlight the unique and colourful histories of heritage boats on Ireland’s inland waterways. By doing this we can illustrate the importance of the past and, hopefully, encourage people to continue to preserve our unique floating heritage. The HBA published its first book ‘Cool Metal - Clear Water’ in 2006. In that book we gathered the individual histories of seventy four boats.
‘Fine Lines – Clear Water’ is a continuation of that collection - with another seventy five boats listed. We have now recorded the histories of canal boats not covered in Cool Metal – Clear Water, continuing on to cover working boats and tug boats from our rivers such as the Suir and the Shannon, as well as the Bann and Lough Neagh. That information is complemented by histories of remaining examples of boats such as a Liffey Ferry, Flying Boat Tenders, Floatels (floating hotels) and various trip boats. As a natural follow-on, we have also started to document some of the many heritage boats imported from both the UK and the Netherlands.
Not all heritage boats started their lives as work boats, so we have commenced recording the histories of many of the older pleasure boats that can be still seen on our waterways. In order to aid the “boat-spotter” and to have a good cross-reference, we have included, an index at the back of this book which covers both this book and the first book ‘Cool Metal – Clear Water’. Additional information, expanded histories and stories on some of the boats can be found on our website
Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the book.
Gerry Burke
Chairman, Heritage Boat Association
Fine Lines - Clear Water is available at IWAI On-Line Shop. This book has been sponsored by Waterways Ireland Pictured are Gerry Burke making a presentation to Martin Dennany of Waterways Ireland at the Launch and Boatmen's Reunion in Naas in October 2009.

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