Shannon Estuary - Ardnacrusha to Loop Head - Aug 2008
06 November 2008



The HBA Shannon Estuary Trip in the summer (!) of 2008 was most enjoyable. The weather was forecast and proved to be interesting.

As usual on HBA trips we went with friends and made more friends along the way. Special thanks to members of the Foynes Yacht Club for their hospitality - see their new site at Foynes Yacht Club

There were close to 1000 photographs taken by everyone on this trip, here are just a few.


SinE at Parteen 68M waiting for the lock to open at Arnacrusha
Ardnacrusha Lock Gates open for 74M
Aqualegia 4B waiting at Railway Bridge
SnoCat on the Abbey River 74M executes a three point turn before coming into moor.  Rowing Club in background.
HBA Fleet all safely moored Let's recap ......
Dawn over the weir That's where we are going - looking south to the Estuary
Through Limerick Lock Looks like a spot of rain ahead
68M in Shannon Estuary Tanjuan in Shannon Estuary
SinE in Shannon Estuary SnoCat in Shannon Estuary
4B coming into moore beside 68M in foynes Foynes Yacht Club
72M & Tanker on the night watch A different kind of 'elming
Foynes - Yacht Harbour Reflections & Highlander moored in Foynes
Tanjuan & Friend Shannon Estuary 68M and Another on way to Kilrush
Behind you ...... 68M & Ferry at Tarbert
4B & 68M anchored off Scattery Island ElRoi & Reflection astern of Tanjuan
Tanjuan to Loop Head Reflection off Loop Head
Tanjuan returning to Kilrush ElRoi 68M Highlander off Scattery Island for Tea & Scones
6th Centrury Settlement Stroll around Scattery Island
Foynes Yacht Club Foynes Yacht Club
Who says the HBA does not do mornings! Beeves Rock Lighthouse in the morning - who is missing?
The return to Limerick Guiding our way
Aqualegia awake Tanjuan ElRoi & Reflection on the return to Limerick
We're back! Aqualegia 72M 68M SinE waiting their turn to moor
Limerick next morning - most of us were asleep Limerick moorings in th morning
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