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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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19 September 2008


69M was one of eight new Canal boats built by Vickers (Ireland) Ltd. for the Grand Canal Company in 1936. She sailed throughout the navigation carrying general cargo including Guinness for the next 20 years and was one of the boats kept in service after the closure of the canals to commercial traffic in 1959.

She was subsequently transfered to the Maintenance Dept., where she was used as a clay boat for canal and bank repairs until 1990, when the new smaller boats came on stream, after which she gracefully retired from service to Tullamore Harbour, where she currently lies sunk to the deck level. 69M remains in original serviceable condition and remains part of the Waterways Ireland fleet.

Crew Included -

Joe Connolly, Shannon Harbour was a temporary deckman in the early 1940's when Paddy "Bustin" Carroll was skipper and Jack Finnegan was the engineman. Joe acted as skipper in 1942 while his brother Paddy was out sick. The crew then was Micky Connelly (Graig) as engineman, Jim Nevin was deckhand and Seanie Madden was greaser and for a while Paddy "Brownie" Dolan from Banagher was second greaser. When Paddy came back Joe went back to deck man and Jim Nevin left the crew.

Joe told a story in "through the Locks" that they were loading for Waterford one day and "Bustin" wouldn't give in and admit that he didn't know the way to Waterford so he just left the job and John Cahill went in charge. When they got back from Waterford "Bustin" came back. Tom Connolly, Peter Coyne, Micky Connolly, John McGrath, Christy Fitzpatrick and Waxer Dunne all worked on 69M at one time.

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