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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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18 September 2008
Technical Details
67M at Shannon Harbour 2000
67M at Shannon Harbour 2000
Reg Number:
Built By:
Vickers (Ireland) Ltd
Riveted Steel
61' 6"
13' 1.5"
60 tons
4' 5.5"
Killaloe 1936

Bolinder E Type, 15 HP
Petrol engine
Ford 80hp Diesel
120HP 6 Cyl Diesel

Home Base:



67M had a working life of 24 years before she was sold off at auction by CIE when the Canal trade ceased in 1960. Like all M boats, she would have carried general cargo to all parts of the inland navigation. Sometime after she was sold off her Bolinder engine was removed and replaced with a petrol engine. She did however maintain her original working layout and could be seen tied up, disused, in Hazelhatch for at least fifteen years.

Gay Boylan, who owned her at the time, sold her in 1997 to Charlie Dunn who set about a total refit and conversion of the hold area. Charlie installed an 80hp Ford diesel engine and renamed her "The Hazel".

In 2001 Jimmy and Margaret Sexton purchased her. Jimmy, an ex Irish Navy shipwright, set about a total refit of the barge. The interior stripped and replaced, completely rewired, installed a reconditioned 120 six cylinder engine, replaced the port holes along the side with bigger windows, put on a coach roof and built a wheelhouse.

The renovation is almost complete and next year when it's painted he intended to rename her "Seano" in memory of his father.

Crew included -

Jim Moore was her first skipper. Jim Gill worked on 67M in 1946, at that time his father Paddy was in charge with his brother Tom and Kit Connolly. Tom Connolly, Paddy Coyne, Tommy Coyne, John Coyne, Tony Murphy, Dinny Roe, Ned Neill, Jack and Jimmy Nolan and Joe Connolly all worked on her at other times.

67M in Hazelhatch taken by Mike Clarke in 1980 67M in Shannon Harbour 2000
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