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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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02 November 2015

Log of 45M Sunday 9th of August 2015.

Scarriff Harbour

45M at Scarriff Harbour - Lough Derg. (Niall O'Dowda)

45M set out from Scarriff Harbour on a sentimental journey, the occasion was to mark the 40th anniversary of the raising of 45M in 1975. On board we had three special guests: Andy Maloney, a boatman that worked on the Canal in the 1940's and 50's; and Ronnie Hurley and Mike Kerrison, two of the divers from Limerick Sub Aqua Club that helped raise the 45M forty years ago. There were a number of other people aboard, Andy's daughter Kay, Ronnie's son Darren, Ashton Brady and Paul Gordon. From the HBA there was Niall O'Dowda, Colm Burke, Paul Nolan, Cliff Jeffers and Alan Kelly.

A Toast

A toast to the memory of those who have passed on. (Niall O'Dowda)

As we departed Scarriff it was drizzling rain but by the time we got to Tuamgraney the rain had stopped and the sun came out for the afternoon. Once out on the lake we headed to Parkers Point where Mike, from memory, guided us to the rough position of where he thought the 45M had rested underwater from 1946 to 1975. When we got to that position the Bolinder was knocked out of gear for a few minutes, everybody congregated together beside a selection of cups, mugs and other drinking vessels that had been taken out from the caboose and left on the two timber barrels. A bottle of Kilbeggan Whisky was produced and all aboard were given a drink. A few words were said before a toast to the memory of those who have passed on, especially for anybody associated with this boat. At the forefront of our minds were Ned and Jack Boland, and Jimmy McGrath who all perished in that exact location in 1946, of Tony Brien who survived that day but since passed away, and of David Coote who sadly passed away earlier this year.


L to R Colm Kennedy, Ronnie Hurley, Donnacha, Ciaran and Dicky Kennedy and Mike Kerrison.

A number of Heritage Vessels, including 4B, 118B, De Eems and Vicki May, later formed a line astern behind the 45M and escorted her into Mountshannon Quay where Donnacha and Dicky Kennedy with their two sons Ciaran and Colm were waiting to meet Ronnie and Mike. These people hadn't met in 40 years. The last that Mike and Ronnie had seen of the 45M and the Kennedys was them heading up river with plans to convert the 45M to a floating Holiday guest-house, so there was lots to catch up on.

Approaching Mountshannon

45M approaching Mountshannon.


L to R Ronnie Hurley, Andy Maloney, and Mike Kerrison showing Andy the torch he used during the recovery of 45M in 1975.


Donnacha Kennedy back on the helm.

(Niall O'Dowda).
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