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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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04 September 2008



Photos by Brenda Ainsworth, Greg Whelan and others.


Waterways Ireland welcomes all to The Grand Canal The Pollagh Thirteen
Magnet 4B Aqualegia 72M moored to the east of the Harbour 4E Cirrus et al in The Harbour
49M Ye Iron Lung & Johanna 49M Ye Iron Lung
68M Dabu Papillon SinE & Derek's Dream
Sonas & Peacock 76M
Alamo Winter Soltice & 72M Meeting
Harbour Harbour
Vicki May Harbour
Johanna Morning Stroll
Paradisevoegel & 4B Papillon
Watergeuse Papillon
Vicki May Three Angles
Sonas Trust Me Scout
Namow V & Lady Jane 72M Aqualegia & Trust Me Scout


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