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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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01 September 2014
Following a great weekend in Lough Erne Yacht Club, the plan was to cruise the calm waters of the Lower Lough to Belleek. Well the unseasonal wind and rain during the week put an end to that idea. The week was spent trying to plan safe times to move as all available weather forecasts were watched, listened to, analysed and discussed. Each one seemed to tell a different story. Sometimes a window would open up, allowing some of the barges to venture out, while people who had gone back to Dublin and other places made plans over re-made plans, as we all tried to make sense of the changing forecasts.


By thursday 21st, many had been able to venture further afield, some to Lough Erne Resort for a dinner that turned out more costly than expected for Cormac on 76M where his barge had uninvited guests. Others enjoyed the delights of Lusty Beg Spa before travelling on. the remainder of the fleet in LEYC left on Thursday afternoon, 49M, Ida, 57M and Fermate crossing the Broad Lough heading straight for Belleek. The "Lung" did take a slight detour enroute trying to find a new North West Passage. Having discovered why Stony Islands got their name when the skipper thought he was nearer Troublesome Rocks, it was decided that this was not a good plan and while Tom on Ida and Jimmy Dundas on Fermate stood by, we happily took great assistance and a good boat washing from Mick from Affaja on his Jetski. Many thanks to all involved. By Friday, all the fleet that were coming had arrived in Belleek's harbour and were a wonderful sight to behold. During the day many of the skippers and crew were ferried off by rib to see the dam across the river that is controlled by the Ballyshannon Power Station. friday evening we discovered the wonders of the "Black Cat Cove" where specials were organised for every night of the coming week, and great entertainment laid on for us all. Unfortunately the landlord is not a great time keeper, as some of us found after "closing time".


All weekend the harbour was thronged with local visitors who were fascinated by the fleet. There were numerous activities in the village over the weekend, with street entertainment, car boot sale, face painting, kiddies sports, free kayak lessons and much more. Joe and Tom had prime role in crowning the "Belle of the Barges". There were even rumours of an apple pie competition, but none came our way. By Sunday the weather forecasts were again the big issue and some of the fleet headed off down the lake as wild weather was predicted for the coming week. Thanks Belleek for a memorable weekend, Enniskillen here we come ( hopefully!)




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