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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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18 August 2014
Leaving Belturbet the fleet moved out in fits and starts, some going at lunchtime on Sunday heading for Lough Erne Yacht Club (LEYC) having to work on the Monday, others who live aboard or are on holidays or just have nothing better to do, took the journey easier and spent some time getting there. Rumour has it that some of the heritage boats, particularly those who are not native to these shores ....(better known as the CLOG class!!) got lost. Now dare I be one to spread rumours but I do believe there were a few stressed skippers on the journey , the markers are quite hard to read particularly in heavy rain - so I am told. A small group of boats who were travelling together in the early part of the week met up in a number of locations - Crom Castle, Naan Island, Nott Ninny (Eemms)!! Knockninny and a few more not disclosed when going to press. 68M brought a few of the barges and boats "off piste" to a jetty marked on the navigation as "shallow -no access to jetty" without any grounding incidents and had a great meal in the Watermill Restaurant.

The fleet growing bigger each weekend all arrived safely in LEYC following some credit card burnouts in the Erne shopping centre ! We were greeted and made very welcome by the commodore and members on Friday evening with several libations and storytelling in the bar, old friends met up again and introduced some of us newbies to the lovely people of the yacht club.

A tour of the Marble arch Caves was laid on by Lough Erne branch of IWAI with a wonderful, informative and very entertaiining tour guide for the coach journey - thank you Helen.

That evening we had a chance to once again mingle with our brethern from the LEYC and the local IWAI branch and eat a most wonderful meal laid on in the clubhouse. Music followed and dancing continued into the "wee small hours", (I'm getting a Fermanagh accent already!). At this stage wind has slowed play a little ( 50mph winds promised), those under pressure with other commitments had to head home leaving the move to Belleek for later in the week. Tom Bailey has really done a fine job with the organisation so far - can't wait for week 4,

Affaja (a wannabe heritage boat)

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