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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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08 April 2013



Barge line-up

Week 4 update and (more) photos

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Itinerary for HBA on the Royal Canal 2013

HBA on the Royal, Week 4 – McNeads Bridge to Moyvalley

6 - 7th April 2013

Week 4:

Leaving for Mary Lynch’s on Friday after work looking forward to seeing the olde gang again. I dug out the hot water bottle as it was still freezing for this time in April. Arriving at Mary Lynch’s it seemed, for a while, that I was the only soul mad enough to brave the elements. But as the evening went on crew started to arrive from every direction, fires were lit (those lucky enough to have them) and heat turned on. I got the suit on and jumped into the canal to clear a few foreign bodies from the prop which I knew I picked up on the final move last weekend (nice bit of netting blown into the canal at some stage no doubt!!).

The cars were moved to Moyvalley and we returned just in time for dinner at Mary Lynch’s. The evening was spent with good company, good food, and of course good music. Thanks to John and family.

Commodore JT always tells us that we are leaving at twenty past, so thinking I’d steal a march on Joe, I left at ten past; but what would you know, he was out before me again!!! But I think I used a fender class to shove him into a ditch and go past to reach the first lock before both him and his trusty lock keepers. I worked the first lock myself and tried to drain all the water from the summit which we were leaving so nobody could follow…. But alas the WI lock keeper caught me…

Brrrrrr… The morning was bright and cold, decks were icy, as I got to the next lock all the WI crew were on hand and helped the fleet to move with ease. Arriving at Thomastown early, myself and a few of the others were there to witness Cathy trying to pull Joe!!! If you want the photos I have the evidence….mind you it got a bit heated and Cathy’s rails were put out of shape.

35M has lost her identity in the move… and it looks like the Iron lung went to the same sticker shop….

No sign of skipper or crew on Dabu but she mysteriously arrived in Thomastown…

Mick & Mutley have finally decided that they like their new home…

Graham is still recording where everything is …including the plastic bags…

The Poddler, The Elizabeth Rose and Happy Feet with the lady skippers all joined the fleet at Thomastown, if you’re not careful there’s a mop crazy skipper ready to attack…

Leaving Thomastown , the Lone Ranger and Affaja slipped away into the evening hoping to see their pals the following Friday in Furey’s at 8pm for dinner.




Before the 'off' at Mary Lynch's

Early morning - the 'Light Metal' at Mary Lunch's

Mary Lynch's


Affaya mooring at Thomastown

The new WI HQ at Thomastown, 74M waiting for the lock

Tight fit! Lock 18 is the narrowest on both canal systems

Full house at Thomastown

The 'Light Metal' at Thomastown


Alternative transport

Alea Iacta Est - The Boyne is crossed

The Boyne - again

Caught by the competition


Photos © JT, CDR, MG

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