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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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03 October 2011


RTE Waterways is a site created by RTE for the new Waterways Royal Canal series. It features the people involved in the production, a trailer for each episode, the history of the Royal, map of the journey, wildlife, places, promotional clips from each episode and of course, the Rambler. Well worth perusing.

Congratulations to all involved with this production. The series can be seen here http://www.rte.ie/player/#!v=1115053 under Waterways.

Edisode 1 The Auld Triangle on 2/10/2011, Edisode 2 The Deep Sinking on 09/10/2011, Episode 3 The Long Level on 16/10/2011, Episode 4 Reaching the Summit on 23/10/2011, Episode 5 The Forgotten Road on 30/10/2011 and next Episode 6 Journey's End on 6/11/2011. Rambler and crew looking superb and it just gets better!

The HBA’s trip up the Clodiagh was captured in pictures by Sean O’Brien see SOB Portlaw Trip

A Public Meeting to discuss the disrepair of Cheekpoint Quay was held last week at the Reading Room in Cheekpoint. Representatives from Waterford County Council and Waterford Harbour Commissioners were invited.

Some new photos of the Tall Ships event have been added to the Cheekpoint and Faithlegg site FB Cheekpoint and Faithlegg

Note: Waterways Ireland maintenance crew are planning on commencing this year’s dredging on the Barrow Line of the Grand Canal at the beginning of November. The Canal will be closed south of Glenaree until probably March of next year.

Diary date: Naas Canal Festival 2011

Answers are being sought on what's happening with the dry dock in Shannon Harbour. See Latest News.

http://www.1001boats.blogspot.com/ is a blog where the aim is to post details on 1001 boats, large and small, many of them beautifully restored wooden ones “boats which are too important to be forgotten, boats which are beautiful, boats which are significant”. So far, have not found an Irish one.

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