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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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04 September 2011


River Suir from source to sea is a website created by the Workmmens’ Boatclub in Clonmel, for all things relating to the Suir and her offshoots.

Joe Treacy has written a memorable account of the challenges faced and overcome by the crew of Rambler earlier this summer, when they traversed the Royal Canal while filming. With a combination of Dick Warner, Tile Films and the historic Rambler the results on film has to be splendid. Ramblers Royal Journey

See see Tullamore Exhibition and Pill River and CC BJG Heritage Shannon on how the HBA celebrated Heritage Week in Offaly, Kilkenny and on the Shannon.

We did it - see HBA conquers the Pill River and a great personal account of the journey here Hawthorn Blog HBA on Pill

The HBA’s Three Sisters’ Fleet, started their travels in March this year with the objective of navigating the Rivers Barrow, Nore and Suir. Done! Now renamed the HBA’s Five Sisters’ Fleet, they recently added the River Clodiagh to their scope of navigations. See HBA on Clodiagh River

How we reached Portlaw here HBA Clodiagh journey and Hawthorn Blog HBA on Clodiagh

Niall Galway on the IWAI Forum directs us to this RTE broadcast from the Royal Canal in 1989 http://www.iwai.ie/forum/read.php?1,34251

The submissions to the 1922 Labour Commission and letters from all around the country, give an interesting insight to how the Grand Canal Company operated. Labour Snippets 4

And for those who have started to plan next year’s boating, add the Jamestown Show and Heritage Festival 2012 starting on July 27 th to your diary. Remember 2006 - Leitrim Guardian Jamestown Heritage Festival 2006

The Irish Waterways History site describes the history of this area here IWH Portlaw River Clodiagh and recently the Portlaw Heritage Group have set up this blog Portlaw Heritage Centre

Many thanks to to the people of Portlaw and in particular all those involved in the Portlaw Heritage Group; it was a pleasure to explore Portlaw, the Portlaw Canal and the River Clodiagh and share heritage knowledge.

Working together, the HBA and the Portlaw Heritage Group discovered boating industrial heritage - see Press Release here HBA Clodiagh finds

The HC Heritage in Schools website has been updated recently; the only inland waterways/ boating module is on the River Nore in Kilkenny. There may be an opportunity here for one of our members to add a module on our floating heritage.

The HBA’s trip up the Clodiagh was captured in pictures by Sean O’Brien see SOB Portlaw Trip

Some good shots of the Guinness barges, trains and ships here on Afloat Guinness

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