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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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17 August 2011


143 years of building and repairing Barges, Dredgers, Ships, Tenders and Tugs in Dublin

Pat Sweeney took ten years to write this book about iron and steel boat building on both sides of the River Liffey, during the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The title is misleading as one immediately thinks of the large ships that were built on the Liffey. However, interspersed throughout are facts about the Dublin builders of inland heritage boats.

A huge amount of research has gone into this book including the perusal of the Vickers Limited Archives at Cambridge University Library and The Shipbuilders volumes from the 1920s.

A definite read for owners of iron and steel heritage boats built in Dublin and for those interested in Irish maritime history.

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