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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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20 June 2011


Some of the photos featured here go back over eighty years and feature the boats and life around Cheekpoint Harbour and Quay. Fishermen from Cheekpoint used two types of boat on the river, the punt and the prong. Today there is one prong left.

"The Prong is a timber boat. She is similar to the widely known Currach of the west coast. Some liken her to the shape of a bottle cut in half down its length. In previous generations, most local fishing families owned at least one Prong. They were also widely dispersed along the River Barrow, from Cheekpoint to New Ross"

From 'The Cheekpoint Prong' a brief social history of a small traditional fishing craft and its relevance to the Cheekpoint Fishery published by the Heritage Council.

Most of the recent photos were taken during the HBA's very enjoyable visit to Cheekpoint during the Tall Ships Fringe Event and show the Harbour, Quay and Village Green in use today.

Photos by residents of Cheekpoint, Aoife Burke, Geraldine Burke, James and William Doherty, Conor Nolan, Kate White-Miggan and others.

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