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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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30 May 2011


Today, Thursday June 9th 2011 at noon, The Rambler finally eased her way under the Irish Rail - Ianrod Eireann - lifting Bridge in Dublin, probably heaved a huge sigh of relief, and set out on her journey along the Royal Canal.

The Rambler is recreating her former travels along the Royal Canal, skippered by John Connon Jr and crewed by John Connon Sr, Evan Connon and Ben Treacy. The celebrated veteran broadcaster, writer and naturalist Dick Warner is on board to make the new Waterways series, titled “Waterways - The Final Journey”. This is a Tile Films’ production directed by Stephen Rooke, the award winning director.

Tile Films tell us: “Waterways – The Final Journey” is a series of 6 x 25 minute HD television documentaries, a sequel to the 24 “Waterways” programmes made in the 1990s. It celebrates the final re-opening of the entire Royal Canal to navigation this year after more than half a century of dereliction. It will be shot on High Definition and will be a spectacular, cinematic experience, telling the enthralling and richly visual story of Dick Warner’s journey down the Royal Canal.”

Photos of her journey will be posted here The Rambler and The Royal 2011




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