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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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29 March 2011
In December 2010 some of the Heritage Boat Association’s most treasured possessions were removed from deep storage in Clare and brought to Cloghan in County Offaly. They were two seized and rusted Bolinder engines with a range of additional parts. Recently, a group of HBA enthusiasts worked to create two Bolinder display units from all of these pieces.  The photographs below record the many hours that were spent releasing the engines from decades of rust by sand-blasting, the application of many layers of primer and top-coat, and then the final assembly.
One unit was delivered to the Craigavon Boat Museum, placed in the Enterprize barge and now forms part of that exhibition. The second engine will be presented later this year to Waterways Ireland who declared an interest in having a Bolinder display on one of their premises.
The engines and parts were donated to the HBA for safekeeping by David Coote, custodian of the GCC barge 45M. The engines remain the property of the Heritage Boat Association.
One of the HBA’a objectives is to promote the restoration of heritage boats in Ireland and the collection of artifacts relating to them. It is hoped that by loaning these artifacts to these organizations, more people will get to see and appreciate them.
Photos by Gerry Martin & Conor Nolan

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