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Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

Celebrating Ireland's Floating Heritage

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06 November 2008


Preparing to Dine - Underneath the Arches 2005
68M at Carlow Bridge Knocknagow at Tullamore 2004
Grand Canal June 2004 50M Venus
Aqualegia at Maganey Bridge on the Barrow 2005 HB2 Dabu & 35M in Carlow 2005
SnoCat at Monasterevan 2005 SinE on Barrow 2005
95B at Ardree Bridge 2005 Vicki May at Belmont Lock on the Grand Canal
VickiMay New Ross 2005 SnoCat VickiMay Blackslee Cheekpoint 2005
HB2 Dabu at Ardree Lifting Bridge 2005 107B Grand Canal 2007
45M & Ebenhaezer Banagher Bridge 2006 76M at Tankardstown Bridge 2005
31B & 68M on Barrow 2005 95B at Vicarstown Bridge 2005
Dabu HB No 2 Barrow 2005 68M Monasterevan 2005
37N 68M 79M at Banagher Bridge 64M at Monasterevin
4B arriving in Limerick 2008 The Anchor at Levitstown Bridge on the Barrow 2005
HB 2 Dabu Monasterevan 2005 39M at Monasterevan
34B Tullamore 2004 68M
76M on Barrow Linw 68M & 76M Monasterevan 2005
34B entering Tullamore Harbour 68M Dublin 2004
76M on the Barrow 2005 34B Dublin 2004


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